Do not allow politicians to use you during campaigns ,Uhuru warns bodaboda operators

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,23RD OCT 2020-President Kenyatta has urged boda boda operators not to be used by politicians to achieve their own selfish gains.

Uhuru described the boda boda sector as full of potential that can be of great importance only if it puts mechanisms to put into use its daily collection.

The President challenged the riders to be awake, and not only to be used for evil and being given handouts during the campaigns.

“You’re a sleeping giant that only needs to be awakened….there is nothing that you can’t achieve,” Uhuru said.

The President spoke on Friday when met the Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya (BAK) at the Pumwani Social Hall.

The president presided over the signing of a major partnership between BAK, Capital Markets Authority, Rubis Energy, and NABO Capital.

He challenged the riders to invest, saying that they make a lot of money in their daily operations but ironically that some of them are still poor.

The president lauded the sector, saying that approximately 22 million people daily, almost half of the people of Kenya, use boda bodas to move around the country.

“Bodaboda business support directly or indirectly 5.2 million Kenyans, approximately 10 per cent of the population.”

Uhuru said that approximately, the sector generates an average of Sh357 billion every year, more than what the government is using to allocate to counties.

“When we reflect on the revenue generated by this sector, we assume that every year in totality, 1.4 million riders make Sh357 billion shillings every year, which is more than Sh316 billion that the government gives to all the 47 counties every year.”

He added that “With all this effort and money, you still cry of poverty. I don’t think that there is any other industry in the country making such an amount of money which you make.”

The leadership of the sector has been asked to handle their resources with integrity, which will enable members to be successful entrepreneurs.

“There is a trust deficit and you have a huge responsibility to be able to inculcate a culture of integrity and dignity so that those whom you lead can have trust that their resources and assets are safe in your hands.”

The president concluded his remarks by urging the riders across the country to take their time and read the BBI proposals, and to support it for the benefit of all Kenyans.

He also assured them of his administration’s total support, calling them to observe the road road signs.

BAK chairperson Kevin Mubadi said during the meeting that the riders are seeking to transform the sector.

They also declared their full support for the Building Bridges Initiative proposals.

“We will support the BBI. We supported the Huduma Namba and we will continue to walk with the government as we appreciate your support,” Mubadi said.

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