Constitutional reforms key to stable, happy and prosperous Kenya-Uhuru

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BY  KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,20TH OCT 2020-President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for a constitutional consensus in the country that will promote inclusion and unity for all Kenyans.

Uhuru rooted for political inclusion that will accommodate all communities after an election.

The President spoke on Tuesday during the 11th Madaraka Day celebrations at the Gusii Stadium in Kisii County.

“The question of “us” versus “them” must come to an end and as we exercise our democratic rights, it must never again be at the expense of our diversity,” Uhuru said.

The President called for a change in the current political practice where resources and opportunity exclusively went to those occupying positions of power.

This, he said was the reason why Kenya’s elections have remained to be divisive and emotive.

“One year before every election, the economy shuts down as it anticipates the turns and twists of the election. And one year after the election, the economy is still on a go-slow as markets wrap themselves around the emerging political constellations,” Uhuru said.

“This means that in every electoral cycle of five years, two years are wasted exclusively attending to electoral matters.”

The President called on the country to create an environment where enterprises can thrive by continuously attracting capital into the country.

Uhuru said premature campaigns and endless electioneering creates anxiety warning that if Kenyans do not change the Constitution, such problems will plague the country for years on end.

 “My invitation to the country, therefore, is to have an honest conversation with itself on this. And we must not shy away from taking bold decisions the way our Founding Fathers did,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru took the cue from ODM leader Raila Odinga who minutes earlier said the President would give direction on the Building Bridges Initiative.

“It is you (Uhuru) who will say whatever we will do from here because nobody can stop reggae,” he said.

However, Deputy President William Ruto called on both Uhuru and Raila to include all Kenyans in the BBI.

Ruto said there was a need to bring everyone on board to ensure the country realises the much-needed unity.

The DP called for dialogue to accommodate divergent views in the Building Bridges process.

“The former Prime Minister has talked about reggae. That is fine. But I guess we will have a robust national conversation that will bring everybody on board,” the DP said.

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