Migori Speaker Boaz Okoth Says he is being Targeted By ODM Amid Push For Governor Obado’s Ouster

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,5TH SEPT,2020-Migori County Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth expressed fears for his life on Saturday over the impending impeachment of the Governor Okoth Obado.

The Speaker said hired goons he linked to ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna unsuccessfully staged a raid at his residence on Friday night, hours after he was harassed in the presence of Sifuna.

He alleged Sifuna, in the company of the group of unnamed individuals, warned him of dire consequences.

Okoth said the threats were unwarranted since he is just an adjudicator in the Assembly having no vote to cast on the impeachment motion proposed by ODM.

The Speaker, who reported the matter to the police, said he had been unwell for a period of five months, adding he was recuperating from a recent surgery.

“I am only a Speaker, and I have been sick for this long, I don’t vote in the house, I only preside over the house,” he said.

Okoth told reports the goons planned the attack under the guise of preempting a meeting of Obado-leaning Members of the County Assembly they believed were meeting at the Speakers residence.

“I immediately alerted my bodyguard who came over since I had feared for my life. My bodyguard too was verbally attacked by the people on his way to my house,” he said.

Okoth said he managed to sneak out and reported the matter at the Kisumu Central police station where he recorded a statement.

The Speaker said he was, “perplexed in the degree of desperation by the ODM party to have Obado impeached.”

Okoth said he was ready to take the MCAs through the process of impeachment only after getting a notice of motion from a member of the Assembly.

The Speaker said Migori MCAs are mature and able to conduct their business without any external interference.

He claimed his members were living in fear due to incessant pressure by ODM functionaries to ensure Obado’s impeachment sails through.

“Migori has been a very good county Assembly, now members are running everywhere, everywhere being hunted, everywhere, and those are mature members,” he said.

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