20 Types of girls you must use condom if you want to sleep with them

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1.The girl that has tattoo on her body.

2.The girl that turns off her phone whenever she is with you.

3.The girl that drinks beer like 2-3 bottles and smokes weed.

4.Be even more careful,with any girl that take your shirt off by herself.

5.If she proposes to give you the pipe.

6.The girl that doesn’t ask or request for a condom before s*x.

7.The girl that has short hair and also dyed it.

8.If she wears tight jeans to your house.My brother double the protection.

9.The girl that doesn’t sigh or give any  ”no” reaction when you touch her.

10.The girl that lives a lone.This is their top boss.You need to be extra protected.

11.She travels frequently to go to bukavu,kigali,Nairobi,oicha,blessed,Abidjan,Yaounde,kampala,butembo,and others while she doesn’t have the family there.

12.If she is a student but already has a 10, year old child,my brother use condom.

13.If  the girl  works in a callbox/hair salon,bar.

14.If the girl is the type that  wears pearls/waistbeads on the hip.

15.If she is the type that wears g-strings.

16.If she has a lot of male friends

17.If she surpports an influential politician and wants to do politics.

18.If she has a ring on her nose and chain at the foot.

19. If she likes to say that all men are the same.

20. If she takes this post personally ,triple the condoms my brother!

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