Mzee Kibor to conduct DNA test on six children in land dispute as court okays move

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BY UPESI REPORTER,NAIROBI,18TH MAY 2020-The high court has allowed Controversial Eldoret tycoon Mzee Jackson Kibor to conduct a DNA test on six of the children claiming to be his  and who have been at loggerhead with Kibor  over his 2,000-acre piece of land.

Mzee Kibor willl now  subject the six children to a DNA test before he can allocate them portions of the land.

According to the veteran farmer-cum-politician, he did not marry the children’s mother hence is skeptical about whether they’re actually his offspring.

He accused them of attempting to sell sections of his 2,000-acre land as they had done to some of his property in Nairobi and Mombasa.

“Hawa watoto yangu ni wakora…wakora kwa sababu waliuza nyumba yangu Karen, Nairobi, na wakauze ingine Nyali, Mombasa,” said Mzee Kibor.

“Hawa watoto wanasumbua, nitawapeleka DNA nihakikishe kama ni wangu ama si wangu kwa sababu mimi sikuoa mama yao.”

Mzee Kibor also alleged that his life is danger, further imploring the government to return his firearm so that he can be able to protect himself and his family.

The outspoken farmer’s firearm was previously confiscated after he was captured on video pointing it at one of his children during a disagreement over the land.

“Hawa watoto wanaweza piga mimi kwa sababu bado wanataka hii shamba..serikali irudishie mimi silaha yangu nijilinde,” he added.

Philanthropically, Mzee Kibor stated that he has now donated 10 acres of the land to the government for building a police station.

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