Court finds High school student who slit mother’s throat in Nyeri guilty of murder

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BY CORRESPONDENT,NYERI,7TH MAY,2020-A high school student that slit his mother’s throat in Nyeri for wishing him dead has been convicted of murder.

Charles Ngunjiri Njeri was charged with murdering Gladys Njeri at Gachuiro village in Mathira West District within central province on the night of September 11, December, 2011.

A court heard that Gladys was in the habit of wailing at night in her house without any particular reason to the extent that her neighbors somehow were used to it.

What they thought was normal turned out to be a tragedy as Glady’s lifeless body was found in her sitting room with her throat slit open the next morning.

On the night of September 11, the deceased was heard screaming “My son Charles is killing me.” After a while, she went mum and the neighbors thought she had slept.

The accused, then a student at Ihwagi secondary school was arrested and charged, he denied the charges.

On autopsy, it was observed that the head had almost been severed from the rest of the body. It was opined that the death was caused by severe loss of blood resulting from the severe injury.

In a recorded statement, Charles said the relationship between him and his mother had not been good for some time prior to her death.

He accused his mother of being irresponsible and not taking care of him and that he depended upon his grandmother for upkeep.

“In June 2011, his differences with the deceased boiled to such an extent that he was forced to leave and rent a house of his own at Ihwagi trading center,” documents read.

He later asked the deceased to give him his birth certificate for registration of examinations. Gladys insulted him and accused him of looking for the certificate to secure gainful employment instead of studying hard.

They reconciled until September 2011 when schools reopened and the deceased gave him Sh 1500 for fees.

He however lost the money prompting Gladys to tell him that henceforth he would have to take care of himself.

On the day of her demise, the deceased asked Ngungiri to leave as she did not want to see him again. He left for Karatina but returned at 7.30pm.

Finding him home, Gladys shouted at the deceased and wished him death.

It is then that the accused got annoyed and started hitting her. The deceased picked a knife to defend herself but the accused overpowered her, took the knife and slit her throat.

On realizing that he had killed her, he escaped.

The accused stated further that he had no intention of killing his mother but that he acted out of anger; he was remorseful for his actions.

When put to his defense, the accused denied killing his mother and testified that his uncle asked him to admit he had killed.

Convicting him, the court said that after overpowering his mother, there was no reason to slaughter her using the knife he allegedly snatched from her.

“The inevitable conclusion that I can only come to is to hold the accused culpable for murder of his mother. I therefore find him guilty of the offence of murder as charged,” justice Ngaah Jairus ruled on Thursday.


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