Govt moves in to ban uncoordinated food donations after Kibra deaths

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BY UPESI  REPORTER,NAIROBI,11TH APRIL,2020-The  Government has banned uncoordinated food donations and distribution, directing that the activities be done through county governments, Commissioners and COVID-19 Fund Board only.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi noted that while the acts were well-intentioned, they had led to a breach of the social distancing guidelines as set out by the Health Ministry, besides creating disorder.

Donors and well-wishers based in Nairobi have been asked to reach out to the Kenya COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund headquartered at the KICC’s first floor.

The fund is run by Jane Karuku and Kennedy Kihara who are Chairperson and Secretary to the Fund respectively who can be reached on 0772 429949.

At the county level, those willing to help will be required to liaise with the county governments or county commissioners who will in turn oversee the distribution.

The measures will ensure distribution of donations in a dignified manner to the vulnerable members of the society across the country, based on the already developed needs map.

Further, the measures will ensure that the donations of whatever kind are distributed in a transparent and accountable manner.

The latest comes after two women were killed in Kibra after locals stampeded in a chaotic scramble for food items.

Kibra police boss Andrew Musaisi said the women died a few hours after leaving the distribution centre.

It is reported that they sustained internal injuries and died while being rushed to hospital for medical care.

Several people were also injured in the melee.

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