Archbishop Muheria: Archbishop Ndingi was amazingly loving Father

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BY KCCB TEAM,NAIROBI,2ND APRIL,2020-Nyeri  Archbishop Most Rev. Anthony Muheria has eulogized the Late Archbishop Emeritus Raphael Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki as a loving Bishop who instilled virtue of servant leadership among the clergy and the faithful through his service to God and humanity.

“He was an amazingly loving father to all of us: to the priests and Christians at large,” he said.

Archbishop Muheria recalls how the late Archbishop Emeritus Ndingi helped him to make a decision in becoming a priest at a time when his family had difficulties in accepting his choice of vocation. He was 30 years old then

“I went to seek him for advice. He spoke to me, encouraged and advised me that the calling that God gives you, defend it and nurture it, for it is not for you but the service of others,” Archbishop Muheria said.

His Grace Muheria explains that the Late Archbishop Emeritus’ simplicity of heart enabled him to be open and candid with everyone from all walks of life.

“He never tried to play games with people’s mind, he said exactly what he thought and what was in his mind,” he said.

The late Archbishop Ndingi was known to be a fearless human rights defender who never shied away from calling out those in authority. A battle that Archbishop Muheria asserts that he would never have handled had it not been for his steadfast love and faith in the almighty God.

“He was a brave soul because he had a lot of spiritual strength,” he said.

In addition, Archbishop Muheria remembers the late Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki as a man who was selfless and caring. A man who had the poor and the marginalized at heart.“He is known to have walked from many villages visiting the people’s houses and even meeting with the street hawkers in Nakuru,” Archbishop Muheria recalls.

However, he says that little is known about the late Archbishop’s prayer life, which was his most powerful strength amidst tribulations. Archbishop Muheria remembers that the late Ndingi advised him that prayer should be the bedrock of his mission when he became a bishop.

“As a bishop, prayer should be accompanied by an action of care, for the people of God and starting with the priests,” he said. Adding that, “He was a tremendous and exemplary Bishop who cared and prayed for his flock: who when his flock was in danger warned and went to look for those who were errand.”

He conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the late Archbishop’s family, friends and the Church in Kenya. He prays that God grants him the crown of saints and martyrs in heaven.

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