Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie fake ‘7,000 Kenyans in quarantine’ tweet is totally in bad faith-CS Kagwe

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BY UPESI REPORTER,NAIROBI,29TH MARCH,2020-The Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has told off Kenyan politicians who are using the coronavirus pandemic to gain political mileage.

During a press conference at the Harambee House, CS Kagwe said that it is immoral for leaders to spread lies about the pandemic with the aim of painting the government in negative light.

“It is not true, why would you wish as a leader that 7,000 Kenyans be in quarantine? For what gain? Saying that the government is hiding information, for what purpose? It is unethical for one purporting to be a leader to mislead Kenyans for whatever reason,” He said.

He noted that currently, there are 2050 Kenyans currently in quarantine at hotels, hospitals and other designated places.

His address on Sunday came in the backdrop of claims by Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie that over 7,000 Kenyans were in mandatory quarantine at the Lenana School.

In Tweet on Saturday, the former comedian-turned-legislator claimed that over 7,000 Kenyans who had just arrived in the country were being quarantined at the Lenana School and the Kinyanjui Tech.

While setting the record straight, CS Kagwe noted that while it was possible for the Kenyan cases to reach that point, it was currently not the case.

At the same time, he noted that there is no country in the world that has contained the coronavirus entirely in its hospitals, saying there was a possibility that Kenyan facilities could  be overrun.

“If the British National Health Service (NHS) have been overrun, isn’t it realistic to imagine that it could happen here. Criticising the government is just adding salt to injury,” He noted.

He asked stakeholders across the counties to identify facilities such as secondary schools within their regions where patients can receive treatment should the existing facilities be overrun.

As of Sunday, Kenya had recorded 42 cases of the new coronavirus. One of the four is a Kenyan and the other three are foreigners from the United States of America, Cameroon and Burkina Faso. Three cases are in Nairobi and one in Mombasa.

Efforts to trace 1,426 contacts are currently ongoing.


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