TIFA RESEARCH :76pc Of Kenyans Practicing Handwashing In Light Of COVID-19 Threat

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BY JOAN WANJIKU ,NAIROBI,25TH MARCH,2020-Majority of Kenyans are adhering to regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, including frequent and thorough handwashing to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a new survey by Trends and Insights For Africa (TIFA) has revealed.

The study conducted with a sample size of 1,000 respondents revealed that 76 per cent of Kenyans are frequently washing their hands with water and soap in a bid to keep the virus at bay.

The research published Wednesday however revealed that 18 per cent of Kenyans are yet to adopt to any of the recommended measures issued by the government.

Part of the measures that have been issued by the government besides washing of hands include: coughing or sneezing into disposable tissues or flexed elbow and observing a 2-meter social distance with people who have flu-like symptoms.

Others are avoiding travelling to countries reporting coronavirus cases, handshakes, hugging or kissing with people with flu-like symptoms.

The research further revealed that there is low uptake of the the recommended measures especially social distancing.

Nairobi residents were profiled as the most knowledgeable on the symptoms of the virus.

Coughing and fever were indicated as the two main symptoms that Kenyans have associated with the virus at 77 per cent and 70 per cent respectively.

The study revealed most respondents were unaware of other symptoms such as headaches and difficulty in breathing.

Although the mentions were low, the report revealed misconceptions that symptoms of the disease include sore throat at 2 percent and flu-symptoms at 1 percent.

The study was conducted between March 15 and March 21 with the data collected collected through telephonic interviews.


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