Police eject Mike Sonko from VIP dais during Daniel Moi’s burial service in kabarak

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BY JELAGAT LONA,12TH FEB,2020-Security officer have  ejected governor Mike Sonko  from the main dais at Kabarak as the funeral ceremony for the late Daniel arap Moi was underway.

Security officers barred him from entering where other leaders were seated.

It was not immediately clear why the officers prevented from sitting at the dais.

Dressed in a black suit and gold-colored spectacles, Sonko was seen standing on the sidelines for several minutes.

An unidentified man wearing a blue tag then approached him and seemed to be explaining why he would not be allowed in.

Unlike Tuesday when Sonko was allowed to sit at the podium with other leaders at Nyayo Stadium, Wednesday was a different scene altogether.

He was later allowed to attend the ceremony but reportedly sat with local residents.


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