Waititu pleads with Senators not to be too sharsh in charging his case since what they do to him might haunt them in future

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.He has lost a petition seeking to block sitting governor Nyoro from appointing deputy|FILE

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,29TH JAN 2020-Besieged  Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Wednesday pleaded with Senators to deliver a ruling on his impeachment motion that they would consider favorable if their roles were reversed.

Speaking in the House on the second day of his impeachment proceedings, Waititu warned the Senators not to judge him based on his perceived political standing, but peruse the facts carefully before making a decision.

He also seemingly implied that he will – in the near future – contest for a Senate seat while most of the present Senators will seek gubernatorial positions; hence they should consider his case as they would like him to consider theirs when such a time comes.

“Handle my case like any of the 7 previous impeachment motions that came before you, which you handled with dignity and integrity,” Babayao, as he is popularly known, urged the lawmakers.

“I beseech this House to make a ruling that cannot be challenged in any court of law, so that everybody would admire to be a Senator. Like me, I thought that when I am done with Kiambu I would become a Senator.”

He added: “Yes, I know I will contest and I know I can get. I will be a Senator one day. Just consider your case the way you would like yours to be considered when Waititu will be a Senator here.”

Waititu also condemned Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura who, earlier during the hearing, posted a tweet construed as implying that the House had already found him (Waititu) guilty.

“We have rejected Waititu to file evidence out of time. He has not filed any defense as he waited to raise new matters in the case. The people of Kiambu need justice. Waititu must face the full force of the law. No thief should go unpunished,” tweeted Isaac Mwaura.

The embattled Kiambu boss, while seeking interpretation on the legality of such an action from Speaker Ken Lusaka, invoked his right to presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

“I’m a married person, I’m a family man who should be respected by all means, nobody should conclude that I’m a thief just like that, honestly speaking. I have a right like any other Kenyan to be respected,” he said.

“It is very unfair…it is ungodly for me to work the way I have worked to be where I am, then I am removed unceremoniously… maybe because I am not of your political thought. And tomorrow, with politics, I might change and be with you…who knows? We have been changing parties, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.”

He further stated: ““As Mr Orengo said the other day, in a clip that went viral, that ‘the governments of revolutionaries eat their own citizens.’ What you will do today to Waititu, because you will also become governors, will come to haunt you. So you must be just, consider that justice is for everybody.”

Waititu rubbished his impeachment by the Kiambu County Assembly saying due procedure was not followed, adding that there was no quorum as 35 MCA were allegedly away.

He also stated that he was not given a chance by the Kiambu County Assembly to defend himself despite sending his lawyers, an action he termed a violation of the standing orders.

“The lady that alleged that I participated in malpractice has not made any complaint in any police station. The lady was not called here to testify. In her affidavit that was read here, the lady did not mention me; it mentioned some county officials, not me…not Waititu. Again, the authors of that document – the ombudsman – were not called in this assembly to testify that it is true that that document is genuine from their office,” he said.

“The Kiambu County Public Service Board has 3 members; none of them was called to testify on the irregularities I am accused of in employing the casuals. I’m not part of the County Public Service Board.”

He also stated: “On the allegation of influencing tenders, there is no evidence that was adduced in front of you to suggest that I was given any kickback in those tenders.”

Waititu urged the Senate to throw out the case saying one of the people who testified against him before the House is an “illegal employee” of the county employed by his deputy James Nyoro despite a court order barring him from any such tasks

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