You are unruly passenger: Government now says over woes facing Lawyer Miguna Miguna’s attempts in returning home

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BY UPESI REPORTER,NAIROBI,8TH JAN 2020-The Kenyan government  has claimed  that Lawyer Miguna Miguna is categorised as an “unruly passenger” in line with international aviation standards, hence the hurdles he faced on Tuesday in his quest to return to the country.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, the government distanced itself from any blame over Miguna’s scuttled travel plans, insisting that he is free to travel back to the country but must acquire the necessary travel documents.

According to the government, Miguna was listed as “an unruly passenger” following the dramatic incident in March 2018 when he caused a scene at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and was forcefully ejected from the country.

“As government we wish to clarify that following the incident at JKIA in March 2018, Dr. Miguna was categorized as an unruly passenger in line with Annex 17 of International Civil Authority Organization (ICAO) standards and recommended practices that allows prohibition of unruly passengers,” reads the statement issued by Government Spokesperson Col. Cyrus Oguna.

The government further claims that Miguna’s conduct is a threat to the category A1 status of JKIA that was awarded in 2017 and which allowed for direct flights between the US and Nairobi.

“His unruly behavior was seen to have the potential of threatening category A1 status of JKIA which took the country a lot of effort and work to achieve. This category certifies that we have put in place all the necessary safety and security measures in all our airports. This is an accomplishment that we are committed to jealously protect,” adds the government

The government insists it is aware and willing to comply with the court ruling directing that it facilitates Miguna’s re-entry into the country, but he must obtain valid travel documents from any Kenyan mission abroad.

“… according to International Civil Authority Organization (ICAO), a passenger must have valid travel documents. Dr, Miguna is free to present himself to any Kenyan Mission to obtain his passport,” said the government.

“It is, however, puzzling that Dr. Miguna has not made an effort to obtain his passport from any of the missions. Nevertheless, our missions abroad are ready and willing to assist him to get his documents once he presents himself.”

On Monday, however, the High Court directed the State to grant Miguna unconditional entry into the country with judge Weldon Korir directing  that Miguna’s passport not only be released to him but he also be allowed to use his national ID card or passport.

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