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You are lost and going nowhere ,Uhuru tells leaders politicising BBI

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,4TH DEC 2019-The president has lashed out at  a section of leaders who have been shifting their stand on the report and asked them to concentrate on serving Kenyans .

Uhuru speaking in Kiambu  castigated those mounting pressure on him to declare his preferred successor saying only God knows the answer.

The head of state  said his silence should not be mistaken for cowardice A seemingly vexed president Uhuru Kenyatta has tore into a section of politicians politicising the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report for their own selfish interests.

The president said he was tired of the rumours being spread about the report by leaders who were elected to serve the people and improve their lives.

Uhuru who was speaking at the official hand-over ceremony of Mang’u Dispensary Outpatient Block in Kiambu county on Wednesday, December 4, said leaders politicking and spreading false information about BBI instead of concentration serving the people are lost. “Enough is enough, we are tired! Before we let out the BBI report, they spent a whole month spreading rumours and now that it is out, they have taken another route. They are people who are lost,” said the charged president .


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