Be warned of raw sewage contaminated water,KPC warns Embakasi residents

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BY UPESI REPORTER,NAIROBI,15TH NOV 2019-Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) is warning  Embakasi  residents in Nairobi to be alert  due to water the company says is water contaminated with raw sewage .

According to a memo from Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) to its staff  who lives  in Embakasi, there are reported cases of contamination of tap water. The company urged them to seek medical attention in case of symptoms like diarrhea.

The memo further elaborates  that several resident had already sought treatment in different city hospitals adding that the cause of the contamination was still unknown, although several tests had been carried out with results awaiting.

“We have contacted the relevant authorities for assistance in testing and finding out the cause of the contamination i.e Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, Mukuru Health Clinic and our own clinic,” KPC stated.

Additionally the memo stated that adequate attention should be given to younger children who are at more risk of contacting diseases relating to contaminated tap water.




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