NRG Radio host and presenter Mwalimu Rachel advocates for birth control among women.

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,8TH NOV 2019-NRG lead radio presenter and host, Mwalimu Rachel has come out to explain the need for her birth control and many more for women in Kenya.

First, she doesn´t understand why it is a big deal for her to renew her 5-year birth control implant.

As expected though and funny enough, Kenyans have called it ´a ticket to sleeping around dry fry.

But she doesn´t get why women should not be allowed the freedom to choose when they want to have kids.

She holds that  it is saddening that despite having a way to actually determine when a woman gets pregnant, some Kenyan women are suffering in the hands of ignorance.

It is heartbreaking for her that there are women out here who are constantly getting in the delivery room.

She therefore advises  Ladies, find a method that works FOR YOU. It doesn´t matter what the world says, women should do it for themselves because it is ¨Liberating.¨


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