Catholic church in Rome investigates two nuns found pregnant after missionary trip to Africa

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BY SOURCES,6TH NOV 2019-The Catholic church in Rome has launched investigation into strange circumstances that led two nuns who took the vow to keep chastity rules got pregnant while on a mission in Africa. The African nuns who belong to different orders in Sicily in Italy were posted to their home country in Madagascar to carry out missionary services but slipped up and got pregnant.

According to the Sun ,One of the women, 34, discovered she was pregnant when she underwent a medical scan after complaining of stomach pains. Her counterpart whose age was not disclosed but is said to be a mother superior ( head of a female religious community) left her mother country after realising she was one month pregnant.

The Madagascar-born nun was based at an institute that helps fallen women and their children but failed to adhere to strict rules of chastity.

Catholic Church head Pope Francis  admitted some nuns were being abused by clerics. Pope Francis Source: Facebook The Catholic church in Rome said the women breached strict rules of chastity and stern action will be taken with a consideration to recommend for termination of their services. “An investigation has been launched.

They both breached strict rules of chastity but the welfare of their children is uppermost. The most likely outcome is they will leave their religious service,” a source in Rome told The Sun Catholic Church head Pope Francis admitted earlier this year that some nuns were being sexually abused by clerics in churches.

He recently proposed an amendment to allow married men to be ordained as priests and allow female leaders in the Catholic Church.

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