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Running battles at City hall as police engage ant-Elachi MCAs

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,9TH OCT 2019-Police engaged members of county assembly for Nairobi opposed to the return of Beatrice Elachi as speaker in running battles on Wednesday.This is after  stormed her office seeking to eject her.

Violence broke soon after Elachi took over office accompanied by a group of youths.

Elachi locked herself in the office, leaving the group of MCAs outside where they clashed with those supporting her return.

Dozens of anti-riot police officers were also deployed outside City Hall, where teargas was lobbed to disperse the rival groups.

“She will not be a speaker here,” Majority Leader Abdi Guyo declared, amid the running battles.

Business was temporarily interrupted as the MCAs wrestled on the corridors, with those opposed to Elachi saying she must vacate office.

The Speaker’s chambers was crowded with Elachi’s sympathisers who included MCAs and county officials as others jammed the corridors.


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