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Catholic bishops launches campaign against corruption

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BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAKURU,5TH OCT 2019– The catholic bishops in the country have launched a campaign aimed at aiding the government in the ongoing war on corruption in the country.

The campaign which was launched  in Nakuru is geared towards ensuring that politicians do not use churches to propagate corruption through giving finances by a way donating.In their statement read by Bishop Philip Anyolo who is the chair of the Kenya conference of Catholic bishops (KCCB) the church leaders  have outlined several steps which  every catholic church will have to adhere to when accepting any monetary offer from a political leader.Here are some of the stipulations.

1.contributions to fundraisers in all catholic churches will be done by mobile transfer or by a way of cheque. This will avoid   the handling of large amounts of cash and give a clear trail of donors.The whole issue is to move towards a cashless donations.

2.They will declare and keep open all the lists and accounts of their projects and any fundraising initiatives in the churches or institution open to public scrutiny.

3.They will keep a record of any gift to a religious leader exceeding SH 50,000.All gifts should be accompanied by a letter or acknowledged by a letter.

4.All catholic churches will not be used as political platforms or for any other motive rather than for the liturgy and worship of God.The bishops shall not allow any address within the church of any non liturgical nature.All such address that may be opportune to make,will be made outside the church with due dignity.

5.Political speeches shall not be allowed at all within the liturgical celebrations.The bishops further pleaded that the true nature of funerals be restored,to condole and pray for the family,and honor and pray for the deceased. Anything political or development    should be excluded for the honor of God and respect for   the honor of God and the Deceased .

6.They will open corruption compliant desks to keep records of corruption that the public may wish to make.

7.During the six months period when the campaign shall be running,the bishops have promised to renew baptismal in  all churches on Sundays,using specific formula that highlights  the rejects of evil of corruption .

The bishops have urged all Kenyans to unite in the fight against the vice which they say have crippled the country’s economy. The campaign dubbed stand against corruption let us break the chain of corruption will run for the next six months.

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