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Postmortem reveals the cause of death of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen

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BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,4TH OCT 2019-A report of a postmortem conducted on the body of the late  Dutch businessman Tob Cohen  has revealed that he died due to  a severe head trauma inflicted by a blunt object.

Postmortem examination results released on Friday revealed that a blow to the right side of the head is what killed him.

Detectives found the body at his Kitisuru home almost two months after he had been reported missing.

“The body was of a male adult of Caucasian race who had been preserved by refrigeration and was decomposing….in a black Polyethylene bag, yellow Polyethylene bag and red Polyethylene bag,” the report reads.

The pathologists said they collected 10 samples from the deceased’s body that had been found in an underground water tank.


Some parts of the body were found to be decomposed with maggot infestation while the eyes had been blindfolded, hands and feet bound with a rope at the neck.

Both hands were fractured with overlaying bruises while his upper lip was found to be torn on the inside.

The report from 5 pathologists further revealed that the late Cohen had multiple rib injuries and bruises on the diaphragm.

In the pathologist report, the late Cohen was found to have bruising on the right side of the face and his left earlobe also had lacerations. More bruises were discovered on the chest, arms, lower limbs and the right foot.


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