President Uhuru receives report on controversial dams, orders cancellation of Ksh.22B Kimwarer Dam project

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,18TH SEPT 2019– President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday revoked the planned development of the Kimwarer multipurpose dam after a Technical Committee he constituted to review its feasibility returned a negative verdict.

The team chaired by Prof Paul Maringa, Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, found the Sh 22.2 billion project to have been overpriced and its financial viability in question.

“The Technical Committee also established that the project area is settled and would require compensation of displaced residents.

“According to the technical design of the Kimwarer Dam, the water supply mechanism would involve pumping, an aspect the Technical Committee found to be unsustainable in terms of operations and maintenance costs,” State House observed.

President Kenyatta however  gave a go ahead  for the continued development of the Arror multipurpose dam under a rationalized plan.

“As part of the cost rationalization plan, the Technical Committee has prepared a new Bills of Quantities (BQ) for a modified dam with its height scaled down to 60 metres from the original design height of 96 metres which was found to be unviable,” the presidency announced.

The Arror multipurpose dam will now be constructed on a 250 acre piece of land costing Sh15.4 with the hydro power component factored in or Sh13.1 billion without power.

The dam was previously estimated to cost KShs 28.3 billion, State House noted. 

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