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Muranga catholic bishop James Wainaina unveils tough rules for politicians a day after an ugly scene

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BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,9TH SEPT 2019-Just a day after  two political factions clashed in a local catholic church in Muranga ,the head of the catholic diocese of Muranga Bishop James Wainaina has  told politicians involved in a Sunday church fracas to publicly apologise.

BishopWainaina in a press statement on Monday said a time has come for politicians to be limited from church activities.

He said the limitation going forward will be extended  to all the dioceses which include Kirinyaga where the scuffle ensued.

Wainaina said following the incident that disrupted the normal flow of the service, it was evident that politicians have no value for christian gatherings.

He said politicians have for years taken christian gatherings conveniently as platforms for self-interests and self-proposition in elective posts.

“I feel that this incident was a strong confirmation of the reasons to limit time and space offered to politicians,” he said.

He said the incident further confirms why christian gatherings must always remain in the hands of a bishop or priest.

“This has put us on guard that an incident which may look innocent at the beginning can become uncontrollably ugly and embarrassing if the wrong people take over control of such gatherings,” he said.

Wainaina maintained a church is a house of prayer and must be respected by all.

He said Sunday’s incident is regrettable, unfortunate, uncalled for and above all shameful.

On Sunday there e was drama at a church in Kiharu constituency after area MP Ndindi Nyoro,  a Tangatanga member, clashed with the Kieleweke team.

The drama started after nominated MP Maina Kamanda, who was the chief guest, invited Ndindi to address the church.

After outlining his development projects, Ndindi declined to hand over the microphone back to Kamanda, insisting that as the area MP, it was his role to invite the leaders who had attended the church It is then that pull and push begin pitting Kamanda supporters against those of Nyoro .The situation almost escalated into fist fights between Nyoro and Kamanda but the police officers intervened just on time.



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