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Demathew’s daughter says she dreamt of her father’s accident three times.

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BY CORRESPONDENT/KORIR JUMA,24TH AUG 2019-The daughter of the late musician John Demathew Lucy Wanjiku took the microphone just moments after her brother Tyrese Thiro broke down, her tribute to her father John De’Mathew  emotions rented the air.

Wanjiku described her father as a dedicated provider and confidant who always put his family first.

President Uhuru  who was among the congregation  as well as her siblings  could not hid their tears  with her moving tribute .

“The man lying here was my son. He was my daddy, my smile keeper, my encourager and above all a treasure I kept in my heart,” she said.

Wanjiku acknowledged her father as a man who cared for her and the siblings not only in their welfare but also academically.

Addressing President Uhuru Kenyatta, Wanjiku said her dad was a hardworking man who toiled to make sure they are well off, provided for and education is paid for.

Leaving the congregation in a sombre mood, Wanjiku narrated how she had a dream about a road accident three days before her father’s death.

“The dream was about an accident and it was about him. Having been in a roundabout and the car caught fire. I never knew it could be real,” speaking with her shaky voice Wanjiku said.

John DeMathew’s children pay their tribute to their late father.|COURTESY

She said that she prayed a whole rosary for the night and could tell her family she was okay while deep down she was disturbed about the dream.

“Daddy wherever you are, you know that I never knew the dream would come true. People say dreams don’t come true but this one did,” she said.

Revealing some skills taught by her dad, Wanjiku said she learnt how to cook and iron clothes as a result of her father.

“Your clothes are all ironed in the closet but have no one to wear them,” she said.

As tears flowed down her eyes, Stacy said she knows her dad was resting and she will always love him.

“Daddy rest in peace. Daddy in my heart I will always love you. I will never ever in my life forget you. The memories we shared together I will place them in my heart,” she said.

In a breaking voice with tears in her eyes she added; “Daddy please come back home but I know you are only sleeping in a place where all angels are watching over you. Daddy I will miss you and I will forever love you.”

Moments before she spoke, her brother had also given a moving tribute but broke down before he could finish reading.

Unable to overcome the heavy grief, Tyrese apologized to the congregation for he was unable to continue with his tribute.

“I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen I cannot continue,” he said as he stepped aside.

Struggling to get his voice together and holding back his tears of sorrow, Tyrese paid his last tribute to a man whom he said gave him advice in life which he will follow them to the latter.

“The blow was hard and the shock was severe for I had never imagined losing you in my life,” he said.

Tyrese said he still could not come to terms that his father was no longer with them but his presence is still with him in his heart.


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