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Charles Owino denies blaming ODM for failed bid for IG job

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BY UPESINEWS REPORTER ,NAIROBI,12TH AUG 2019-Police spokesman Charles Owino has denied having any problem with Orange Demochratic Movement  party (ODM).

Owino , however, clarified that former Ugenya MP Chris Karan had warned that the party would do anything in its power to frustrate his ambitions.

The threats, he said on Monday, were on account of the “misguided perception” that he was a supporter of MP Dave Ochieng’ of Movement for Democracy and Growth in the Ugenya by-elections in February.

“It’s in the public domain that Karan warned me about my future ambitions,” he told the Star.

Owino said he had no personal problem with ODM as a party, including party leader Raila Odinga.

He added ODM had nothing to do with his work as a spokesman of the police and that Odinga had no power to appoint or promote him.

“I have no grudge with anyone, including Raila. You know I defended the work of the police very robustly and some people, especially politicians, did not understand that I was doing my job,” Owino said.

He dismissed reports that indicated ODM chiefs did not back his candidature for the job of Inspector General.

“Who in this country does not know who appoints the Inspector General? The opposition has many roles, but the appointment of IG is not one of their jobs. That is the work of the executive,” he said.

As a police officer, he said, he can serve in any role, adding he still has a long career ahead and added that Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai deserves the support of everyone to perform his duties.


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