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Hard times ahead for Nairobi residents as governor Sonko plans to Introduce Bill That Will See them Pay Ksh25 Tax For Every Chicken Brought From Upcountry

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,9TH AUG 2019-Tough times beckons for NAIROBI residents  who have a tendency of bringing chicken from upcountry whenever they visit as Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko plans  to introduce a bill that will see them part with  Ksh25 tax for every chicken brought from upcountry.

Sonko’s  administration says  the bill will see Nairobi residents pay Ksh25 tax for every chicken that enters the capital city.

Owners of cats and dogs from up-country have also not been spared and will  have to part with Ksh1,000 for each animal. Apart from that the bill also caters for new charges for garbage collection, fire certificates and inspection for cats and dogs.

The bill stipulates  that every house hold shall pay;A fire certificate fee of Ksh2,000 per annum for all city households, Ksh1,000 in health inspection fee for every dog and cat and between Ksh100 to Ksh600 for garbage collection for all homes.

However it is not clear whether the Sonko bill will be approved by all members of county assembly of Nairobi.There is a likely hood that the same may face opposition from a section of MCAs.

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