ODM secretary general Edwin  Sifuna  distances himself  with reports   on vow to resign if Aukot hits 1M signatures

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna distances himself with reports on vow to resign if Aukot hits 1M signatures


BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,19TH JULY,2019-The Orange Democratic Movement’s Secretary General Edwin Sifuna  has denied reports that he vowed to resign if  Third Way Alliance’s quest to push for a constitutional review to reduce the burden of cost of governance to the taxpayers would sail through by hitting 1 million signatures which is legal minimum requirement.

This comes a day after ,The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on Thursday announced they had verified that the ‘Punguza Mizigo’ Initiative that’s pushing for a constitutional amendment have met the required threshold of at least one million signatures.

Lawyer  Ekuru Aukot’s  party, through their ‘Punguza Mzigo’ initiative set out to collect at least 1 million signatures of registered voters in compliance with article 257 of the Constitution that sets out the procedure of amending the country’s supreme law through a popular initiative.

“I want to say in front of this country, if Third Way Alliance are able to raise one million signatures, I will resign as the Secretary General of ODM. I know for a fact they can’t do it. This is what I am telling you, people know where to look for leadership,” Sifuna who is also a lawyer said during an interview on KBC TV’s Good Morning Kenya show.

When the host promised to hold him accountable for his words, Sifuna doubled down; “This is something that I know. I am saying it on national TV, I know who they are, I know who they are not…”

Here is the clip:


But as it is said in swahili  that (siku ya kufa kwa nyani miti yote huteleza)loosely translated to the day a monkey dies ,all tree become slippery,ODM secretary finds himself in this scenario. Indeed going by IEBC announcement   the Ekuru Aukot-led party’s initiative did manage to get the million signatures.With videos evidence to back up the assertion by Sifuna having gone viral on social media,it is obvious that this is the time he is praying that the ground opens up and swallows him .

On Friday morning Sifuna Twitted ; “It wasn’t me. I was misquoted. I don’t recall. I said re-sign not resign. I would rather die. I’ve never been on KBC. I don’t know who Third Way are Take your pick! This is a WIND ASSISTED and pyrhic “victory” but all the best to @EAukot @fokango and their #PunguzaMizigoBill2019.”

While making the announcement IEBC stated that the initiative was supported by a total of 1,222,541 registered voters.

IEBC further stated that the Aukot-led party delivered to the commission a draft Constitutional Amendment Bill and details of supporters of the draft Bill both in soft and hard copy on February 28, 2019.

The draft Bill will now be submitted to each of the 47 County Assemblies for consideration within 3 months from the date of submission by the commission.


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