Senators march in   solidarity to  Milimani Law Court

Senators march in solidarity to Milimani Law Court

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,18TH JULY 2019-Senators held a protest march heading to Milimani law courts in Nairobi in what is seen as registering their displeasure  against 20 laws  that were passed in the floor of the National Assembly.Consequently the senators have  filed their petition.

Earlier on Speaker of the Senate, Kenneth Lusaka, had  signed affidavits to the petition by the Senate that is set to be filed in the High Court of Kenya.

They are opposed to 20 legislations, which they claimed to have been passed without their input, as was required by law.

Nandi Senator and Senate Justice and Legal Affairs Committee Chairman, Samson Cherargei, led the procession of senators.

In an interview on KTN NEWS he singled out three key issues  all of which concerns   clarification of passing of laws in the National Assembly.

Secondly, regarding the 3 bills now in discussion at the National Assembly that have implications on devolution, we are requesting for the cessation of that debate, until concurrence is followed, as provided for under Article 110 of the constitution,” the Nandi Senator affirmed .

He further claimed  that their latest move was in no way aimed at establishing which of the two houses outranked the other, nor some ploy to establish dominance.

“We are not interested in supremacy wars, nor are we interested in which is the lower house or half house,” he remarked.  has  since established that  Bills in contention are  The Public Trustee (Amendment) Act, Building Surveyors Act, 2018, Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act among others.

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