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DP Ruto raises the red Flag over Jubilee party SG Raphael Tuju’s involvement in opposition matters

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,14TH JULY 2019-The deputy president William Ruto has expressed his  displeasure with the manner in which  Jubilee Party Secretary General, Raphael Tuju has become more and more involved in opposition leaders issues in the country.Through his twitter account on Sunday Ruto wondered just how liberal the  Jubilee party had turned to.If the statement by Dr Ruto is anything to go by,then it could be an indicator that things could be falling a part in the ruling party.

Tuju is  a man who  has witnessed changing fortunes since President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, agreed to work together on March 9, 2019. Tuju is also a cabinet secretary appointed by the president to act as a shadow CS.

Reliable sources say He has  now become a key adviser to Odinga, helping coordinate development projects in Nyanza region.

The former Rarieda MP had been branded as a traitor, when he joined retired President Mwai Kibaki and his affiliation with Uhuru, only made it worse.

Tuju had been attacked severally  in Nyanza, both verbally and physically, by rowdy residents who baptized him a traitor and an enemy of Nyanza.

However  a loot at Tuju of  2019 is totally different. www.upesinews.co.ke has established that he can now visit Nyanza comfortably  and even buy property in any neighborhood without fear of reprisal courtesy of his  close association with opposition leader and chief Raila Odinga .

During the launch of the construction of Mahaya Technical Training Institute in Rarieda, on Thursday, Tuju acknowledged “At least now my mother can go shopping in the market in Ndori without fear.”

“I can also walk freely without wearing a helmet in Siaya and Kisumu,” he added.

A file photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta with DP William Ruto, CSs Rachael Omamo, Amina Mohammed and Raphael Tuju|FILE IMAGE

As if  that was not over ,Tuju has even been praised by Odinga’s close aides, who have termed him as a key element in Uhuru’s government.Tuju has won herrats of many including local leaders in Nyanza who have asked the locals to consider him one of their own.

“As it stands today, Tuju is a very critical player in the governance of this country,” stated Orengo, who was speaking in Rarieda during the commissioning of some development projects in the area. “If you attack Tuju, you attack one of us,” he added.

Otiende Amollo, who is the current MP of Rairieda Constituency,  told locals that  “You must now start viewing Tuju as more than your former MP. He is now the representative of the president and closest in his inner circle because he is a Cabinet minister and secretary general of the ruling party.”

The statement from the deputy president on Sunday shows that he is demanding for clear boundary between the Jubilee party leadership and that of the opposition.It shows that he is not happy and would wish that the Party remains with its ideologies if it will continue to stick together as 2022 elections edges nearer .



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