DP Ruto accuses Odinga of propagating poverty

DP Ruto accuses Odinga of propagating poverty

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,1ST JULY 2019-Deputy President William Ruto has accused opposition leader Raila Odinga of propagating poverty in the country.

DP Ruto who spoke at a women’s empowerment forum in Ekerenyo, Nyamira County, on Monday slammed the former Premier for what he termed as being against development projects by the government.

The DP, in the remarks which have since drawn heavy criticism from the opposition, referred to the Orange Democratic Movement  (ODM) party chief as the ‘lord of poverty.’

“You were against the Eurobond, because you said it was corrupt; you were against the Northern Collector Tunnel, because you said it was corrupt; you were against us building the (Standard Gauge) Railway, you told us it was corrupt,” he said.

“…you were against raising money in churches, because you said it was corrupt; you are against any harambee even for women, because you say it is corrupt; but it is because you’re the lord of poverty and you want poverty in our country.”

He further added: “You’re opposed to any development in our nation because you believe this country should be poor so that people can continue to support you, and I am telling you we will work night and day to eliminate poverty in this nation so that your kingdom of poverty has no place in Kenya.”

The ODM party however, in a quick rejoinder, termed the DP’s remarks as a desperate attempt to divert attention from reports of an alleged assassination plot against him and “and its flat failure to generate the sympathy he desperately needed and hoped for.”

Secretary General Edwin Sifuna in a statement, ODM castigated the Jubilee deputy party leader saying his name has come up in all instances of corruption in the recent past.

The opposition  party also threw the title of ‘lord of poverty’ back at the DP accusing him of crippling Kenyans by making them dependent on handouts and cash-for-favours.

“Deliberate, delivery of fake fertilizer that ruined millions of livelihoods can be traced to his allies and himself. Destroying agriculture is the highest bid a rotten wheeler dealer that he is can make in a permanent move to leave many not only poor and desperate but hopeless,” read the statement.

“But we will not stop reminding him that Raila Odinga is not the problem; the problem is his vile character and juvenile politics. Let him break down to the people how Eurobond was spent, the cost of SGR and the debt attached to it, how the dams money was lost.”

Sifuna further referred to DP Ruto as his own worst enemy, urging him to confront his demons first before attempting to feast with  Mr. Odinga on the same table.

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