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Am a proud man who is mistakenly branded as arrogant,CS Magoha tells teachers .

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BY CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,11TH JUNE 2019-Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has told teachers why he is a proud man who is mistakenly branded as arrogant.

Addressing head teachers at the launch of Kenya Secondary Headteachers Association (KESSHA) conference in Mombasa today, Prof Magoha said: “I am going to explain to you the way I look. I know niko na sura mbaya (I have an ugly face. But having said so, my strength comes from God and my firmness”.He added: “I am a professor and people say I am proud. Yes. If I am not proud of myself, who is going to be proud of me? So you should also be proud as teachers because teachers are the most important professionals.”’He said that no one should tell him not to be firm because that is where he draws his zeal. The CS slammed his critics for what he termed as ‘demonising his firmness for arrogance.’

“How can a Starehe boy be arrogant? We are trained to be servant leaders by example and that is why you see me everywhere. I am telling you this so that you don’t listen to other description of the son of Magoha,” he said.He said that his priority was to spearhead the 100 per cent transition and Competency-Based Curriculum which he said was on track.

Magoha told teachers that he was proud of their output in the education sector and that they are highly valued.“My dear brothers and sisters if I can’t deliver then I don’t need to be there.

You are my employers. You don’t need me but I need you as a team to deliver,” said Prof Magoha, amidst applause from the school heads.While talking about his experience on how the education sector is run, he said that he gathered enough knowledge after studying in the Middle East. And that the docket of education ministry was the most difficult of all, a fact which he said had energised him.He seemed to be aiming a dig at Teachers’ union officials when he said that teachers are meant to be intellectuals and thinkers — not activists.

“A teacher is a thinker. A teacher is not an activist. In fact, any teacher who has become an activist should leave the noble profession,” he said.However, he called on all educational stakeholders to join them in the efforts of rolling out the CBC, adding those who criticise him should also propose solutions for issues.The conference comes after Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) clashed with the Ministry on the roll-out of CBC on the grounds that teachers are not adequately trained for it.Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion has in the past slammed CS Magoha calling him arrogant and inflexible. Sossion, who is also a Nominated MP says Prof Magoha should go and treat patients in the hospitals and leave the ministry for other people.

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