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Boycott new curriculum and revert to the 8-4-4 system,KNUT tells teachers

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,16TH MAY 2019-Opposition emanating from Kenya National union of Teachers  towards  the new curriculum continues to  grow after KNUT asked teachers to boycott it and instead  revert to the 8-4-4 system.

Addressing the press on Thursday ,Knut secretary general Wilson Sossion termed the launch of the policy paper to guide implementation of the curriculum as “putting the cart before the horse”.

Sossion described Education CS George Magoha, who has been spearheading the competency-based curriculum, as arrogant and intolerant.

“I should tell Magoha that what he is pushing is dead on arrival. If you want war then we are ready to go full force,” Sossion said.

“We hereby direct all our members to revert to teach using the outcome based curriculum and forget about the new curriculum.”

The  vocal Sossion has even predicted the fall of the new curriculum and noted it was only a matter of when for its ‘demise’.

“If we get it wrong, then we are going to destroy the lives of many children will be destroyed and we have to remain vigilant and bold when there are gaps,” Sossion said.

Sossion  further claimed the rollout will benefit private schools as they have the financial muscle to propel the implementation.

“Private schools are eating from a big spoon and will benefit from the rollout of the new curriculum because they know public schools lack the infrastructure to implement it,” he said.The giant teachers union instead proposed the new curriculum be shelved until 2023-2024

“We see very far the devil is in the details and we will not support a curriculum that will destroy the lives of children of ‘Wanjiku’,” Sossion said.Vowing to fight untill the very end ,Sossion  says  him the  CBC was meant to destroy the poor .

Knut wants  CS to be drawn from parliament as he  can be present at the floor of  parliament  so as he or she is held accountable.

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