Governor Waiguru orders immediate clean up of Kerugoya county referral hospital

Governor Waiguru orders immediate clean up of Kerugoya county referral hospital

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,12TH MAY 2019-Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru has ordered immediate clean up of Kerugoya county referral hospital  after the hospital’s pathetic situation was  highlighted in one of the local television channel.In a statement posted on her official twitter account on Sunday morning,governor Waiguru has instructed the county department of health,Transport and public works and environmental departments to ensure that the hygiene constitution at the facility is   restored Immediately.

On Saturday the country was shocked to see patients at the facility  willow in dirty wards at the hospital ,with flies seen all over the rooms.

Agitated Patients vowed to go home even before they could get cured since staying at the hospital was probably going to make the matters worse for them,Others urged the county government to move in with speed and clean up the mess with others better still calling upon the national government to up the responsibility of managing the health sector and not leave it in the hands of the counties.

In her statement governor Waiguru has formed a task force that will oversee the clean upon exercise and submit its report within   72 Hours and ensure that the hygiene condition is restored at the hospital and 14 days to provide a comprehensive report on the long term solution.”This task force is mandated to the immediate re-deployment of manpower to clean up and maintain standards in hygiene,public health and safety at the hospital within the next 72 hours and provide a comprehensive report on long term solution within the next 14 days”. Waiguru said in  a  statement.


The task force will be chaired by the county secretary and include:The chief of staff,county executive committee members of environment,Gender and Agriculture,Chief officers from Health,Transport and public works,and directorates of procurement  and communication.

Here is the full statement.

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