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Uproar on Social media as images of pupils in deplorable classroom in kilifi emerge

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BY CORRESPONDENT,KILIFI,9TH MAY 2019-Kenyans went on social media platforms on Thursday to condemn the deplorable conditions of pupils whose photos have been doing round on various social platforms. In the images the pupils are seen barefoot  siting  on stone blocks as muddy rainwater swirls around them in a leaking mud-wall classroom that appears it could collapse at any time.

But according  to local leaders, 30 other schools are much worse off in Ganze constituency, Kilifi.This revelation has been given  by  MP Teddy Mwambire who represents the  area.

There’s no prospect of rebuilding in the immediate future for those pupils sitting on stones at Mangororomu Primary School and elsewhere.Other projects have priority. CDF funds haven’t come through, though the fiscal year is ending.Pupils from three classes learn under trees so when it rained we had to combine them in classrooms. We have no option but to suspend learning every time it rains.On Thursday learning was interrupted for the second consecutive day at Mangororomu.

A teacher at the school, requesting anonymity for fear of reprisal, said they were forced to suspend classes so students could take shelter. The children usually learn outside, under trees.

The mud-wall building where the students took shelter is for Grade 1 and Class 5.

The school has two permanent classrooms and three temporary classrooms.

“Pupils from three classes learn under trees so when it rained we had to combine them in the classrooms. We have no option but to suspend learning every time it rains,” the teacher said.

With the meterologiacl department having announced that the coastal region will receive heavy rains  over the coming weekend,the situation is expected to worsen .

The water has subsided, for now, but the rooms still cannot be used for learning.

“It has started drizzling and we fear the building could collapse if the rains continue. We have been appealing for infrastructure development from stakeholders but we have not received any support,” the teacher said.

On Thursday, MP Mwambire was accused by residents of paying more attention to politics than developing the constituency.

Many people asked how he could attend a radio talk show in Nairobi but fail to visit the flooded school.

He blamed the previous leadership for the mess in the constituency.

Thirty schools are in more deplorable condition than Manororo, Mwambire said.

“I am grateful to see Mangororomu Primary School has been highlighted in social media to prove the challenges we have in Ganze,” Mwambire said.

Kenyans who aired their views on the issue criticized the county government’s leadership whom they say has not been keen on improving learning conditions   of the students despite the huge amount of money allocated to them

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