Its hypocritical and in bad faith for government to deny that no one has died of hunger

Its hypocritical and in bad faith for government to deny that no one has died of hunger

BY EDITORIAL DESK,NAIROBI,19TH MARCH 2019-Even as the country continue to battle reality of drought and hunger with ten lives having been lost so far  due to starvation,the statement from the government that no one has died of hunger is to say the least most unfortunate. We are aware and have facts that it is not in dispute that Kenyans continue to languish in hunger in  various parts of the country  and especially in the counties of Baringo,Tiaty constituency,Tana River,Mandera,Garissa,Turkana county especially Kibish area and not forgetting Kitui and the larger Ukambani region.

We have journalists  and photographers on the ground covering and following this very dare situation and these are the people who are the source of the news that all is not well,it is not a rumor it is a fact. A tour of Baringo county reveals even more disturbing trend, where families ravaged by drought and hunger are forced to eat wild fruits and roots to survive another day.This is the reality!.

While giving an update on the ongoing drought in the country on Monday the deputy president William Samoei Ruto  who was accompanied by other government officials was quick to say that things are not so bad.He further added that compared to last year,this year the situation is better and that the government was in control of the situation.  To  make the matter worse the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) came out to deny that no body had died of hunger and that those who had died ,died due to other causes such as diseases this is unfortunate!. We strongly urge the government to own up that we have a problem and re-direct the energies in seriously and sincerely tackling the problem at hand.

Sugarcoating this issue wont help anybody in this country it can only serve to make things worse.In 2013 President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto stated in their manifesto that  nobody or no even a single Kenyan will die of hunger during their tenure and that they had a clear plan on how to deal with this issue,this is not what has happened. We call upon political leaders as well as elected ones not to hide behind any shadow of hypocrisy but stand out to be counted on this matter.

It is now the time to be human and not politicians and help our sisters and brothers who are starving and are staring at death for those who are lucky to be alive in the affected areas.We also urge the governors in the affected counties to also be honesty with their people and  use the resources allocated to them in helping to alleviate their  suffering . For example Turkana county has  a population of slightly over a million or there about.

We have funds such as Equalization fund,latiff and even CDF why cant these counties utilize a part of these kitties in buying some food and water for the affected population? Must they wait until deaths are reported?  Lets wake up and do something all of us.You are a leader in the affected regions and your salary is cming from tax payers cash and the people who elected you are dying of hunger history will judge you harshly. The national government ,counties and all people of good will!

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