Socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe speaks up ,advises Kenyan ladies on how to go about chaotic dating scene

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BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,6TH FEB 2019-Kenyan ladies have to thank their lucky stars .This is after one of their own even though in a different perspective sociolite cum business woman decided to offer advice s.

Blogger Lisa Gaitho was in the headline after she revealed that she has parted ways with her Nigerian ‘sponsor’ three years down the line.

Her break up ignited a series of online conversation forcing socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe to speak up.

Huddah urged Kenyan ladies to steer clear of Nigerian men saying they have no good intentions.

“Y’all should learn from Lisa Gaitho’s story. Not all that glitters is old, beware of con men. They come disguised in big d*cks and a sweet tongue to brainwash you. Once you get d*ckmatised, they clean your account dry, glad it didn’t happen to her. Y’all think Nigerian men who have moved to Kenya want to marry you. Lol. How many women did they leave in their country? Enjoy the d*ck & pocket change while it lasts. And keep it moving, these niggas are on a mission. Love is for the birds,” wrote Huddah

It will be recalled that at one point Huddah called off Nigerian men for being very violent saying they cannot tolerate most East African women.

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