DK Kwenye Beat now distances himself with claims he has infected 20 year old video vixen with Herpes

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,1ST FEB 2019-Claims are rife on social media is that Re-known gospel artists; DK Kwenye Beat and his friend Hope Kid slept and infected a popular young video vixen with deadly Herpes.

It is social media influencer Xtain Dela who first broke the news through his pages a few days ago. Upesinews has established that ,apparently the young lady contacted the fella hoping that he would expose the two men for who they are.

It is at the backdrop of this expoze that many have come out to share their opinions following the harsh accusations the two are currently facing.

However through his Instagram DK kwenye beat has categorically denied any such a thing and took a rather re-conciliatory approach appearing to be less concerned with the allegations.

 The renown gospel artist is said to be engaged to his long term girlfriend who he was set to marry soon.

However, judging from the screenshots shared by his former video vixen seems that he was still looking for better places .

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