A video clip of gospel musician Rose Muhando at Pst James Nganga church elicits condemnation.

A video clip of gospel musician Rose Muhando at Pst James Nganga church elicits condemnation.

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,22ND NOV 2018-A seven minutes video clip doing round on social media where Gospel musician Rose Muhando  is seen at pastor  James Maina Nganga has elicited sharp condemnation from across the east African region.

The clip shows pastor Nganga of  neno evangelism driving demons out of her in what looked like a stage managed    show.

The video clip has attracted condemnation with many people calling it a lie meant to sanitize both the poster and the singer who are deemed controversial

  What has alarmed  more  people though is what seems like Muhando pulling down her skirt in the middle of the operation.

here is the clip


We sampled just a few of the reactions across the social media platforms and here they are:

oWhen a Drug Addict Rose Muhando meets an alcoholic, Ng’ang’a before people who are high on Religious hallucinogens. What would you expect? Pure Nollywood and Bollywood. What missed was the Sound Tracks

@Dmarigiri_5h5 hours ago

If Pastor Ng’ang’a claims he didnt cast demons out of Rose Muhando then can we conclude Rose was doing video shooting to release her new song? Game well planned how comes the demons are showing her to stretch her skirt.most likely Pastor wants to open another church branch in TZ.

@FaithArimba5h5 hours ago

If Rose Muhando could know how powerful her songs were,the impact and messages there in,then she could have gone silently to her knees and ask God where the rains started beating her,instead of adding more dramas to her career

@Mukami_Mungai3h3 hours ago


Av watched that Rose Muhando clip. 00.26. She or (the demon in her) pulls/adjusts her skirt. So demons understand nakedness ? Kenyan gospel is a scam. Chrsitians believe in demon drama more than they believe acts of honor. May Amadioha strike them

Joshua K. Njenga‏ @JKNjenga
4h4 hours ago

There’s nothing wrong with Rose Muhando. She was probably paid for role in in this promotional clip; and it’s obvious they rehearsed in advance.

It targets foolish Kenyans.

When Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife got cancer, he didn’t remove her demons; he took her to India for treatment.


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