Rwandan court frees  Diane Rwigara  at last

Rwandan court frees Diane Rwigara at last

BY CORRESPONDENT,RWANDA,5TH OCT 2018-A Rwandan court has ordered the release of Diane Rwigara, a fierce critic of President Paul Kagame, from jail.

The mother Adeline was also freed but the two are only out on bail.

“They are however barred from leaving Kigali,” the court ruled on Friday.

There was jubilation in the court room with her supporters cheering in celebration after the ruling was made.

Rwigara was arrested in September 2017 over accusations of forgery and tax evasion amounting to $6million (Ksh.600million).

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Friday’s move comes three weeks after another fierce critic of the State Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza was released

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