Ugandan police seize red napkins

Ugandan police seize red napkins

BY BBC NEWS,4TH OCT 2018-Ugandan police have confiscated red napkins from the home of the sister-in-law of prominent opposition politician Kizza Besigye.

24 napkins were seized when officers raided Edith Byanyima’s home in
the capital, Kampala, on Wednesday to search for illegal material, the
state-linked New Vision newspaper reported.

did not give a reason for confiscating the napkins, but red ribbons are
linked to Mr Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, the
newspaper said.

our duty is to detect and prevent crime, our officers went there and
indeed obtained 24 red pieces of cloths,” it quoted a police spokesman
as saying.

Kampala mayor and lawyer Erias Lukwago condemned the raid.

are just cowards. How can you say that having red napkins is illegal?”
Mr Lukwago was quoted by the privately owned Daily Monitor newspaper as

Ms Byanyima’s sister has tweeted about the story:

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