Transfer of teachers talks between TSC and KNUT hits a deadlog

Transfer of teachers talks between TSC and KNUT hits a deadlog

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,4TH OCT 2018-There is no agreement yet between the Kenya National Union of Teachers and the Teachers Service Commission  on whether the ongoing process of teachers transfers targeting 85 teachers across the country should be suspended or not.

This is after the meeting called between the two sides to find away forward failed to yield expected results.

The Commission’s Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia stated that transfers are inevitable, and nothing would change that.

“The transfer policy is clearly spelt out in the Code of Regulations for Teachers which forms part of the CBA. Even after explaining the Policy and Legal Framework, which the union had approved through the signing of the CBA, the KNUT officials were adamant,” she stated.

Through a statement, she explained that transfers further ensure that there is an equal distribution of teachers across the country.

“All TSC employees have a right under Article 27 of the constitution and Section 4 of the TSC Act to be treated fairly without being subjected to any discrimination,” she stated.

“It is therefore unreasonable and discriminatory for KNUT to demand different treatment for 85 teachers out of the 321,007 in public learning institutions on account of their elective positions in the Union.”

She further added that TSC has already agreed to release all the 111 KNUT Executive Secretaries to work full time for the union.

“This is not even a legal requirement on the part of TSC but an act of magnanimity to promote cordial industrial relations between TSC and KNUT,” she said.

She pointed out that the Union’s demand on TSC to exempt some elected officials from operational policies and regulations can only undermine provisions of quality teachers and by extension quality education.

She has urged the teachers’ union to consider  interests of the children first instead of maintaining a hard positions on the issue.

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