Police dust Jaque Maribe’s car for crucial evidence in the murder of Monica Kimani

Police dust Jaque Maribe’s car for crucial evidence in the murder of Monica Kimani

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,27TH SEPT 2018-In a move aimed at obtaining evidence in the manner in which a 28 year old woman was murdered in Kilimani last week,Officers  from the DCI headquarters have dusted a car belonging to Citizen TV Presenter Jacque Maribe for  crucial evidence .

The Toyota Allion was impounded and taken to Kilimani Police Station because it is the one Maribe’s fiance Joseph Irungu also known as Jowie used on the material night, when he is accused to have killed Monica.

Police have also visited the deceased’s house in Kilimani for further dusting.

Police in Kilimani have also confirmed that Maribe has been summoned to record a statement in which she is required to clarify some issues based on what the suspect told police.

Police have said that they are not treating Maribe as a suspect in the murder but are interested to get more information from her on the shooting her boyfriend claims occurred at her house in Lang’ata or outside the compound, a day after the woman was killed.

Irungu was arraigned in court Tuesday and police have been given 10 days to complete the investigation.

Investigating officers cited fears of interference in their application for custodial orders.

The probe is set to be extended to South Sudan where the deceased spent her last hours before being murdered in her apartment in Kilimani

The suspect was arrested on Tuesday following the murder of Monica last week.

Kimani had just arrived from South Sudan, with reports indicating she had gone to monitor “family businesses there.”

Police however want to ascertain the exact activities and whether it has anything to do with her murder.

Already, “people of interest” have been identified and will be recording statements.

“The investigators also intend to extend the investigation to South Sudan where the deceased is said to have come from on the fateful day to interview and record statements from witnesses who have crucial information regarding the diseased’s activities there,”  the detective’s statement says.

Police believe the suspect was with other accomplices who are still at large.

 police have so far taken DNA samples from the scene of crime and want to match with those of the suspect

Jowie, police say, was positively identified by several witnesses who said he was in the suspect’s house on the fateful night.

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