You have neglected pumwani hospital,senators tell Nairobi county government

You have neglected pumwani hospital,senators tell Nairobi county government

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,19TH SEPT 2018-Nairobi County Government  has been blamed for the neglect  witnessed  at the Pumwani Maternity Hospital that was revealed following a fact-finding visit following a series of  on infant deaths at the institution.

The senators now say the Nairobi county government is to blame .Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja says that  that they will form an inquiry where everyone from Governor Mike Sonko to the workers at the hospital will be grilled on the negligence at the institution.

“Clearly there is a management issue. That is obvious as day and night. If you go back to where waste is supposed to be disposed, the last time the incinerator was working was three months ago,” he said.

“And we have even been told that there are times when the person who has been cleaning and dealing with the garbage has found dead babies there. Clearly something is very wrong and that is why we are taking it very seriously as the Senate,” he stated.

He asked  why there was no cold room or working incinerator at the institution to preserve dead infants despite Sh15.8 billion being set aside for health.

Addressing the press in Nairobi,the senator  stressed that the Senate will take the matter very seriously.

“The quality of healthcare that we are giving our mothers and sisters is completely wanting and it is all because of mismanagement of this hospital,” he stated.

“But still, those babies who die deserve dignity. There are some facilities that are required here. Cold storage facilities, we cannot have our mothers giving birth and then their babies are wrapped in polythene bags.”

Devolution Committee Chairman John Kinyua echoed his sentiments saying that the county government should take its responsibility seriously.

“I am perturbed by what I have seen because the incinerator started working just three days ago which leaves a lot to be desired. Everything we are hearing is about funds,” he noted.

“For me it is about the management. We should do something about the management and the county government should be serious in its work. When you hear the incinerator is not working simply because it doesn’t have diesel, it is shocking.”


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