Blue police uniforms raise eye brows among Kenyans

Blue police uniforms raise eye brows among Kenyans

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,13TH SEPT 2018-The nicely looking Blue police uniforms have been received with mixed reactions among Kenyans.There are those questioning how the move was arrived at as well as who designed the attire and with how much money.

A few minutes after President Uhuru unveiled the new uniforms among other raft of measures aimed at reforming the police on Thursday,Kenyans went on social media to express their feelings.

@Muhatia questioning what is wrong with the current uniform and who would pay for the new ones.

“Who is after the tender to supply new uniform?” he asked.

“The President says it’s for better visibility of police? What a reason! Who doesn’t see the police?” he asked.

Uhuru said it is important for the police to note that Kenyans are funding the changes so that they can provide better services.

However, Twitter user George Kebut said changing the uniform does not change the personality of a police officer.

“If an officer is corrupt it’s upon you to change the police system,” he said.

Njoki Mercy said, “I hope corrupt police are changed too!”

Some Kenyans find the uniform ugly.

“The new uniform is ugly, unfriendly and uninspiring. The reforms are welcome though, and the future looks brighter,” Douglas Orang’i said.

He, however, said Jubilee is a big joke as Kenyans were expecting better police reforms only to realise it was all about uniforms.

“The war goes to awarding of the tender towards providing uniform to 150,000 police officers. Next, you’ll hear someone pocketing Sh5 billion just for belts,” he added.

Mc triggagh said the uniform is a dull colour, and questioned whether it is more visible.

“The new police uniform looks like for locomotive drivers,”@maccos said.

Michael Mburu questioned why Uhuru only settled for new uniforms instead of addressing issues affecting the police like low pay and extra-judicial killings

“The only thing Jubilee saw worth fit of change is the uniform!” he said.

@KinotiEng questioned why Uhuru had not addressed the 16 per cent VAT fuel.

“The President of “mnataka nifanye aje” finally is here to dress the police, but can’t address the VAT.”

There are also others who were asking  what is wrong with current police uniforms.They argue that the government would have used the cash to address challenges afflicting the country economically.


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