Oh my look what message Hamisa Mobetto’s spokesperson has sendto Diamond Platnumz

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,7TH SEPT 2018-The move by Diamond Platnumtz  to publicly blast  Hamisa Mobetto for using witchcraft to lure him into marriage has not gone down well with Mobetto who has decided to respond. The ‘Nibebe’ hit maker responded after a voice note of a secret recordings of Hamisa consulting a witchdoctor leaked online.

“Unapotaka kwenda kwa mganga uniroge mimi, na mamangu na familia yangu, unaonekana wewe haushindwi kumuua hata mamangu kama unawaza eti mimi nikupe nyumba sijui nikupe nini. Voice note zinatambaa tambaa, mimi pia nilitumiwa hiyo voice note. Ninazo halafu unajua unasikia kitu ambacho unajua huyu ni yeye,” said Diamond in an interview with Wasafi TV.

Hamisa Mobetto with her spokesperson and brand adviser Beatrice Ndungu
Hamisa Mobetto with her spokesperson and brand adviser Beatrice Ndungu/COURTESY

Hamisa Mobetto’s spokesperson and brand adviser Beatrice Ndungu  has rubbished Diamond’s allegations saying Hamisa is only focused on her businesses.

Ndungu  also  said that  Hamisa is a strong woman who knows when to respond and when to keep quiet, meaning that her reply to Diamond wont be direct after all .

“Hamisa is a very strong person and has been through a lot and this is just among the many issues she has had to persevere and moved on. She knows when to respond and when not to. People will always talk, say this and that and it will never end. This is a passing glance and she is focusing more on business, on her brand,” said Beatrice Ndungu.

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