This is why Treasury CS Henry Rotich may find himself in a difficult place

This is why Treasury CS Henry Rotich may find himself in a difficult place

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,2ND SEPT 2018-Treasury cabinet secretary Henry Rotich may soon find himself within a rock and a hard service if the newly effected VAT on fuel will not be changed. A section of legislators from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has given  Rotich 72 hours to scrap the new fuel levy.

Addressing the  press on Sunday, the Members of Parliament, led by Anthony Oluoch (Mathare), threatened to impeach the CS if the new fuel levy is not rescinded.

The MPs have accused the government of being insensitive to the plight of Kenyans “who are already burdened by the high cost of living.”

They further added that they would call Kenyans to mass action if the levy is not capped.

“We are invoking our sovereignty now under Article 1 of the constitution and saying that if you do not withdraw this directive, we will mobilise the people of Kenya in their numbers to come to the streets  to demonstrate and we will institute proceedings for your removal,” stated MP Oluoch.

The Motorists’ Association of Kenya  has also called on its members to boycott the increased fuel prices by participating in a strike.

Motorists will from Sunday pay more at the pump after the Energy Regulatory Commission issued new fuel guidelines with Petrol now costing Sh127.80 per litre in Nairobi from Sh113 per litre while a litre of diesel will now retail at Sh115 and kerosene at Sh97.

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