NTV Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri speaks of her son’s addiction to tablet

NTV Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri speaks of her son’s addiction to tablet

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,31ST AUG 2018-Changes in lifestyle that occurs with modern technology continue to impact society in wrong and good ways.The reality of this development has caught up with NTV’s Jane Ngoiri  who has had to confess that she is struggling with what to her was until not long time ago  a blessing.

The Swahili news anchor and reporter  who many people do not know much of her family life  has come out to confess that her son is addicted to her tablet  which does not rest immediately she get into her house after work.

Ngoiri’s son Amir is digitally hooked and cannot be at peace until he gets access to a tablet where he plays online games and cartoons.

A few days ago she went on her social media  and posted  what many now sees as if she could have had enough of everything .

“We live in the era of smartphones, tablets and laptops; our kids see us use these gadgets. Now I would put cartoons for Amir on the tab…but now no more tab or phone until further notice,” she wrote on her Yooying page.


NTV’S Jane Ngoiri/Photo COURTESY

She asked other users on the platform to share their experience and ideas on how they handle their kids in the event they turn out to be gadget addicts.

“Talk of addiction….waking up and straight away looking for the tab and crying….how do you strike the balance? Technology and Children. Talk to me,” inquired Ngoiri.

The NTV news anchor is married to Abdillahi Hussein and they have been living as husband and wife since 2015.Her post elicited reactions from her fans some of who shared her  sentiments also confessing that they have also  at one time or the other dealt with similar issues in their daily lives.


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