BY CORRESPONDENT,NAIROBI,30TH AUG 2018-Digital technologies will play a key role in revolutionising the healthcare sector in Kenya, which in turn will assist the government to achieve universal healthcare coverage as part of its “Big Four” agenda.

According to Pan-African telecommunications company SEACOM, and GE Healthcare, continuous technological innovation and developments will be a game changer in this essential sphere. These factors will also be essential to realising Government’s plans for 100% healthcare coverage, better access to services, and financing – all critical focus areas.

Speaking during a recent SEACOM Chat, SEACOM General Manager (ENEA) Tonny Tugee noted that SEACOM has embarked on strategic initiatives to support healthcare access in Kenya. This is reflected in their expansion of Internet reach to enterprises beyond Nairobi.

“As a key Internet provider, we believe that technology is essential in providing solutions to achieve greater healthcare access. SEACOM strives to avail Internet accessibility and solutions to players in the healthcare sector, empowering them to provide optimised care to the public,” Tugee said.

Incorporation of digital technologies has the potential to radically improve standards in patient care due to improved operational efficiency. To date, there has been noticeable progress in urban areas to enhance the experience for both patients and medical professionals, but this benefit has yet to reach less affluent members of society. This is likely to change soon, however.

GE Healthcare MD Andrew Waititu engages the audience during the SEACOM Chat Health edition .jpg
GE Healthcare MD Andrew Waititu engages the audience during the SEACOM Chat Health edition/Photo-Trudy Natabona

GE Healthcare CEO Andrew Waititu explained how, as an organisation, they focus on critical life matters, upholding the belief that the foundation of a wealthy nation is a healthy one. Innovation helps in the realisation of this objective.

“We have seen many positive changes in health technology and expect to continue witnessing more exciting developments in future. For Kenya to make progress, basic elements such as widespread, easy access to healthcare services and financing are priority areas that we support through partnerships, funding and innovations to deliver efficiency in the sector,” explained Waititu.

Kenya is a celebrated African tech hub, renowned for exemplary innovations across various sectors – from finance to transport, education and general commerce. Consequently, it has earned its place on the global map as a hotbed of pioneering digital ideas and implementations. Underpinning all this is access to reliable Internet and Internet-enabled solutions.

“We have advanced our services to suit the Kenyan market, focusing on the country’s priority areas. A good example is our corporate cloud solutions, in partnership with Microsoft Azure, which provide users with access to fast, secure and reliable connectivity. For healthcare providers, this ensures that they do not lack resources to provide essential healthcare solutions in the country,” concluded Byron Clatterbuck, SEACOM CEO.

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