Is the post of Deputy chief justice cursed? this is  why…..

Is the post of Deputy chief justice cursed? this is why…..

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,28TH AUG 2018-There seems to be a ghost that has always not been happy with deputy chief justices  in Kenya since the inception of the post.In 2012 the then deputy chief justice Nancy Baraza was unceremoniously haunted out of office after reports emerged that  she pitched a security  guard at the village     market in Nairobi. she could not have escaped after  hell broke lose on her  with condemnation from left, right and center from her critics who thought she had undermined the spirit and the dignity of the office she held then.
Her appeals through the same court did not bore fruits as for her the die had been cursed.
She had appealed  the recommendation of judicial service commission  under the then chief justice Willy Mtunga  which upon investigation of the incident   it found that she was not fit to continue serving  in her position.
 Baraza’s appeal against the recommendations of the tribunal to have her sacked was a test case for the Supreme Court and Judiciary, which was seen at that time as a  leading public institutions in reforms.
Her implication in allegations of assaulting security guard Rebecca Kerubo  in Nairobi on December 31, in 2011  was seen as  the heaviest load of disgrace the Judiciary  had to endure in months. Baraza  had no choice and as pressure continued to mount on her she handed in her resignation to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) , saying she expected no justice from the Supreme Court and in particular her immediate boss Mutunga.
Kalpana Rawal who  also took after Baraza was haunted out office on corrupt allegations.
Looking at the allegations facing Justice Mwilu who took after her  which is corruption again a serious integrity issue to be leveled  against a senior judicial officer. The big question is will she survive or what happened to Baraza though differently will pursue her until she is ousted again?
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