Parliament of shame,it is high time MPS behind sugar report bribery saga took responsibility

Parliament of shame,it is high time MPS behind sugar report bribery saga took responsibility

BY EDITORIAL DESK,NAIROBI,15TH AUG 2018-The revelations that a huge number  of members of parliament including majority leader Aden Duale and his minority leader counterpart John Mbadi  partook  the bribe that was also taken by over 40 members of parliament to  amend  the sugar report  in favour of  some selfish persons at the expense of health of Kenyans is  big shame.

We call upon the director of public prosecution Noordin Haji ,the directorate of criminal investigation (DCI) and the Ethics and anti-corruption commission EACC to stand up and be counted in ensuring that the individual members of parliament who shared the loot of corruption are held responsible.

We want to commend the efforts that have been shown by the DPP in pursuing corrupt public officials in having them held responsible,This case in parliament is not different,those MPS are as corrupt as any other public official.

Just like it happen to the chairman of National land commission  Muhamed Swazuri and Kenya railway corporation Managing director Atanas Maina ,former Nairobi governor Evasn Kidero among other big names  who were arrested and charged ,these MPS also need to be prosecuted.

It was unfortunate that Kenyans elected people to parliament to represent them only for them to turn out and become hyenas seeking to  quench their corrupt thirst.Those members of parliament who are responsible to have been bribed need to be recalled   it is a betrayal of trust from the electorate.

We would also like to commend the speaker of the National assembly Justin Muturi for ordering a probe into the saga.We also urge Muturi to stand out and be counted by ensuring that he leads from the floor of the house in the fighting against corruption .

By the use of various standing orders and statutory of the house that stipulates steps that A member whose integrity has been put to question should follow if there are any disciplinary procedures outlined there in it was time to Muturi put them in use.

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