Nobody will save you not your money or power if you are corrupt-Uhuru

Nobody will save you not your money or power if you are corrupt-Uhuru

BY PSCU,NAIROBI,13TH AUG 2018-President Uhuru Kenyatta says  the ongoing demolitions  will continue  since they  are part of his transformative agenda.The president  also says  war on graft will go a notch higher.

Speaking during a church service in Karen on Sunday, the head of State vowed to bring an end to impunity saying it was dragging his governments agenda behind.

“Over the last few weeks I have lost many friends. Many have called me asking ‘ how can you be watching when all the destruction is going on?’ I say a time has come to fight impunity,” he and stressed the need for all Kenyans to be empowered to use their skills and innovation to better our lives and those of others.

This comes a few weeks after several houses and structures were   brought down because they were put up on riparian land.

“This must continue because it is part of the war against impunity. It does not matter who owns them or who they know in government,” he said.

So far Several top government officials have been arrested  and prosecutions lately, including National Land Commission (NLC) Chairman Muhammad Swazuri and Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanas Maina—who are accused of inflating compensation prices for land given out for the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), or benefiting for the dubious payments.

The two are among eight officials—including from the Lands Ministry set to face charges  Today Monday 13th AUG 2018


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